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We help business owners and entrepreneurs go from overwhelmed and stuck to confident and successful through our comprehensive media, marketing, creative direction, tech, and content solutions.


Key Benefits to working with us:

The Design and Tech Studio offers you…
  • Expert Guidance: Gain clarity and direction with expert insights.
  • Efficiency: Save time with streamlined processes and professional execution.
  • Impactful Results: Achieve your business goals with tailored, high-quality solutions.


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vip experiences

VIP Experiences

Explore our VIP Experiences for dedicated, impactful assistance to elevate your business.

Signature Creatives

Signature Creative Sessions

Discover our Signature Creative Sessions for comprehensive creative solutions tailored to you.


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Join our Memberships for ongoing support and access to professional templates at your finger-tips.

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These Services


Develop a clear roadmap for your digital presence with tailored strategies that align with your business goals, including marketing, branding, and content strategies.


Craft compelling, SEO-friendly content that resonates with your audience and drives engagement, from web copy to promotional and marketing materials.


Create a memorable and cohesive brand identity with refreshed design elements, marketing brochures, and merchandise design that set you apart from the competition.

Social Media

Enhance your online presence with targeted social media strategies, design templates, and content scheduling to keep your brand consistent and engaging.

Web Design

Design and develop stunning, user-friendly websites, including e-commerce solutions and e-learning platforms, that captivate, convert and connect your visitors.

One to One Support

Receive personalised support and guidance to tackle any tech or design challenges you face, from email marketing setup to event branding.

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About the Team

Experience You Can Trust

With over 24 years of hands-on experience in business-building, our team at The Design and Tech Studio with Nicola Liggins combines creativity, technical expertise, and strategic thinking to deliver exceptional results. We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach and dedication to your success.


The Design and Tech Studio with Nicola Liggins

What Others Say?

Client Testimonials

Her commitment to your success is unparalleled.

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Nicola Liggins and The Design and Tech Studio on numerous projects over the years, and I can confidently say that what you receive from her is nothing short of exceptional. Nicki possesses a rare blend of knowledge, wisdom and expertise that sets her apart in her field.

Sarah Stone

An absolute godsend and a joy to work with.!

Jo Swann

Nicola Liggins is nothing short of phenomenal in every way.

So much love, heart and support goes into everything she creates and provides for her clients and she is honestly a woman I could not live without in my life or business. She is the calming voice to any tech headache and always goes above and beyond to provide a truly beautiful experience with incredible end results in all she creates.

Lucy Crane

Our Process

What to Expect?

Step One

Discovery Phase

This initial phase is crucial for understanding your business, goals, and target audience. We conduct in-depth research and discussions to ensure we capture your vision accurately. The insights gained here set the foundation for a successful project.

Step Two

Wireframe & Design

In this step, we create wireframes and design mockups to visualise the structure and aesthetics of your project. This allows us to refine the user experience and design elements, ensuring everything aligns with your brand identity and objectives.

Step Three

Development & Launch

Once the design is approved, we move on to development. Our team builds and tests your website or application to ensure it’s fully functional, responsive, and optimised for performance. After thorough testing, we launch your project, making it live for your audience.


Ongoing Support

After the launch, we don’t just disappear. We provide ongoing support to ensure your website or application continues to perform optimally. This includes regular updates, troubleshooting, and any necessary adjustments to keep everything running smoothly.


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