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5 Tips on Creating a High Performing Facebook Post

Jun 21, 2022

5 Tips on Creating a High Performing Facebook Post

At The Digital Business Agency, we have seen great posts on Facebook from small businesses and entrepreneurs; some good and some poor ones.

With that said, businesses of all sizes are constantly searching for the perfect post and there are some best practices to follow in producing high-performing posts, which we will discuss below.

The 5 elements of high-performing posts.

1. Scroll-stopping visuals

Your Facebook news feed is busy and fast and our thumbs are searching for something interesting, and our attention span is limited so nothing has the power to stop people in their tracks like a good visual.

So, whether you use images, videos or GIFs, it is important to follow this guide:

    • Get your image right:

Check to make sure you deliver high-quality and bright images. Low-resolution images reflect badly on your business, and no one likes to click on them.

    • Limit your text:

According to Facebook, although there is no limit to the amount of text that appears on images, any with more than 20% text have reduced delivery. Avoid overlaying text on images if possible.

    • Be different:

Stock images can be tedious and lack interest, however, use attractively designed posts which pique interest.

    • High contrast:

Contrasting colours will help make your images pop, even in low light or black and white conditions.

    • Think mobile-friendly:

88% of Facebook users access the platform from a mobile device. Test out your images on a mobile device before posting them to ensure your text is legible and the focus is clear. Use a square image (1080 x 1080px).

2. Get your copy right

The next element to high-performing posts is writing gripping copy.

Try keeping your writing simple, clear and relevant. As mentioned previously, attention spans are low nowadays and the optimum time is only around 8 seconds, so it’s very important your writing is short but captivating. With that said, long posts can also work as well, if it’s to tell a story, a background, an introduction etc, it’s vital to get to know your followers and find out what works.

Avoid any industry jargon unless you know your audience will understand and try not to overdo the marketing speak as the Algorithm can reduce your post’s reach.

Figure out your voice and brand: are you professional and respond in a business-like fashion, or are you fun and provide witty comments to entertain?

3. Call To Action (CTA)

Ask yourself what action you want someone to do when they see your post. If you’re unsure, no one else is going to be either.

If you’re looking for website traffic, sales, or even engagement, you’re not going to get it if you don’t invite it.

Use words like Join, Sign up, Download, Subscribe, Reserve, and Click, to guide Facebook users into action after seeing your post.

But these are also commonplace these days, so don’t be afraid to ‘pizazz’ them a little. Talk in the language that resonates with your audience.

Adding urgency can help. For example:

“Only a few places left. Secure your seat today.”

A call to action should give your post — and your audience — purpose. But don’t overdo it with too many CTAs. Just use the one call to action message.

4. Incentivise

A call-to-action is only as good as its incentive. By this, we mean giving one good reason to visit your website, download a pdf or subscribe to your newsletter.

An incentive can mean a few things. Maybe it includes the benefits of membership to your rewards program, such as:

‘Join by Friday and receive a free 7-day plan.’

It could be the opportunity to showcase the features of a product you’ve launched. For example, a restaurant may want to highlight the specials on a weekend. Showing a pic of a mouth-watering, fresh, and tasty meal option at the right times can really help to nurture your audience.

If you’re not sure where to start, look at the posts that have performed the best in the past. Take a deep dive into your audience insights and study the interests of your customers.

5. Strategic targeting

Facebook is known for its ad targeting capabilities, but there are many ways to target with an organic Facebook post.

Firstly, be conscious of your Facebook audience demographics.

Don’t take it for granted that your followers on Facebook are the same as those following you on LinkedIn, Instagram, or other social media platforms.

For instance:

  • What is the largest age-range group?
  • What is the gender split?
  • Where do most of your audience live and
  • What are their interests?

Tailor your posts around these insights. If your Facebook audience is mostly female, for example, it may make more sense for you to showcase your women’s products and services and talk in a ‘feminine-type’ way.

Timing is another important factor. Using Facebook’s publishing suite, you will see suggestions of times to post, but try different times of the day and track interaction.

It’s a must to closely monitor the performance of your posts and deliver more of what your audience engages with.

We have given you some examples of how you can improve your posts’ performance.

Remember – to always be authentic, be super helpful, give great value and drive action.

Let us know if you’ve had a post that has gained exceptional engagement and comment on how or what you did to get those results. We’d love to hear from you!

Well, hey there!

I’m Nicola Liggins, your creative companion on this digital journey. As a dedicated website designer and tech expert, my mission is to assist online business owners like you in the fascinating worlds of web design, digital creativity, and tech support.

With a warm cup of coffee (or tea) in hand, As you explore this blog, envision us transforming your online dreams into reality, one pixel at a time, diving into the joys of creativity, and ensuring your tech runs smoothly.

So, sit back, relax, and let’s embark on this creative ride together. Welcome to the world of endless online possibilities!

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