Whether  professionally designed or DIY’d, your brand design should start with a mood board (created by you).

FREE Mood Board Templates

(with step-by-step instructions)!

Would you believe us if we told you that online business owners
who self-identify as… stuck, overwhelmed & confused about branding
…created these Mood Boards?

It’s true. Hundreds of gorgeous brands are being brought to life by entrepreneurs just like you – business owners who thought they weren’t capable of creating their own branding.

Get Immediate Access To:

✨ The Templates – choose from several professionally designed ‘plug ‘n play’ Mood Board templates
✨ Our Top-Secret Method
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✨ Step-by-Step Instructions to guide you, via our 5-Step Process (you can do one step at a time, or binge on all 5 lessons at once and complete with your Mood Board in an hour or less)!

When you’re done with the Mood Board Training, I guarantee you’ll feel more confident & completely inspired about your brand vision, and you’ll have a much better understanding about how to further bring it to life!

The best part of the Mood Board Training is getting to know my business and what I want my customers to experience. As a new shop owner, the questions involved helped me narrow down what I’m looking for my business to do for my customers and visualise my image. Learning how to find and design images is also very helpful! I’d definitely recommend this training to all entrepreneurs new and experienced.

Everything about the training is amazing. I was new to online biz, had an idea but no clarity. Nicola’s way of breaking it down in easy steps was so great. I got clarity, saw my dream in real pictures and not just in my head. I got direction. I now know where to find photos, how to use Canva better than I did before and how to find my favorite colours and codes from others website. I am now motivated, and have the energy and momentum to keep following my dream. 😊

I loved the training! The best part was getting to learn Canva and creating pics for my business. It’s the first time I have given any serious thought to branding my biz. It’s a great journey to take and Nicola is there to help every step of the way.

WOW! All of it!!!! Especially putting it all together in Canva which I hadn’t used before. Now I use Canva most days for my social media.

The part that had the most impact on me was choosing the words that describe my brand. By doing that, I was able to lean into that and pick the perfect colours. I even changed my words from my first choices after sitting with them for a while. I went back, dug deeper, and didn’t stop until I had words that really resonated.

I now have CLARITY!
Now, anytime I’m working on branding elements, I have a clear direction to help me stay on track and stay true to my brand guide. (no more shiny object syndrome or falling down any rabbit holes in Canva!)
🙂 ❤️

I loved how easy this was by following it step by step. Branding stuff is so overwhelming to me and not normally my “thing” at all. So I need someone to hold my hand and walk me through it. Nicola is fabulous at that!! 🙏 Thank You 🙏

The Mood Board training gave me total clarity on my brand!! I was completely lost before and this brought it all together in a cohesive message!! It made the world of difference for me and helped me narrow down my niche. Take advantage and do the training – You’ll be so glad you did! 😊

Are you ready to finally own your brand, and fall in love with it?

Put an end to your brand shame, and get the Mood Board Templates & Training today!

* Disclaimer – the images in these mood boards are only used as brand inspiration, and are not actually used for their brand design or identity.