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VIP Experiences – Done In A Day

Are you ready to experience a transformative business day like no other? Say goodbye to long, drawn-out projects and hello to the VIP Done In a Day service – your express ticket to remarkable results.

In just one focused day, we’ll work closely together to address your specific business needs, whether it’s revamping your website, creating stunning digital designs, or solving tech challenges. Our VIP service is designed for busy entrepreneurs like you, who want efficient, high-quality solutions without the wait.

Buckle up for a day of creativity, innovation, and tangible progress. Let’s turn your business aspirations into reality, one VIP day at a time.



Website In-A-Day

Transform your online presence with
a professionally designed 3-page website.

Sales System In-A-Day

Boost your sales game with a compelling
sales page, success page, and email automation.

Membership In-A-Day

Launch your exclusive membership area and
engage your community swiftly.

Course In-A-Day

Get a head start on creating your online course framework with our one-day solution.

Book Launch Funnel In-A-Day

Ignite excitement for your book with a powerful
book launch funnel.

Podcast Launch Funnel In-A-Day

Make a memorable podcast debut with our
expertly designed launch funnel.

Digital Downloads Shop In-A-Day

Showcase and sell your digital products
effectively with a dedicated online shop.

Freebie Funnel In-A-Day

Grow your email list and engage your audience
with an enticing freebie funnel.

Logo Creation In-A-Day

Elevate your brand with three versatile logo
variations to choose from.

Social Media Post Templates In-A-Day

Simplify your social media strategy with
captivating, customisable post templates.

Freebie/Workbook Creation In-A-Day

Engage your audience with up to three
professionally designed resources.

Podcast Cover & Episode Covers In-A-Day

Make your podcast visually appealing with
eye-catching covers.

Book Launch Promo Graphics In-A-Day

Generate buzz for your book release with
attention-grabbing visuals.

Merchandise Mockup Graphics In-A-Day

Showcase your merchandise products realistically with up to five mockups.

Tech Strategy/Consultancy VIP Day

Collaborate with experts to address your tech challenges and outline a strategic plan.

Website Updates In-A-Day

Keep your website current and effective with quick fixes and updates.

Website in-a-Day

Our VIP Website-in-a-Day package consists of a 3-page standard information website tailored exclusively to your vision.

This comprehensive package includes a Home Page where we capture the essence of your brand, a Single Services Page that clearly outlines your offerings, and a Contact Page that ensures seamless communication with your audience.

This day is focussing our efforts solely on bringing your unique website to life.

Sales System in-a-Day

Harness the power of a complete Sales System In-A-Day that will revolutionise your online presence.

Within just one day, we’ll create a compelling Sales Page that effectively showcases your product or service. We’ll also design a Success Page to celebrate your conversions and set up an initial Email Automation sequence to engage and nurture your leads.

This comprehensive package is designed to supercharge your sales and customer interactions swiftly.

Membership in-a-Day

Within a single day, we can establish a dedicated membership area or site, specifically tailored to your needs.

This comprehensive service includes crafting a short and compelling sales page to entice potential members, designing a success page to celebrate conversions, creating a members’ dashboard area with initial content to enhance their experience, and setting up an automated email sequence that welcomes new members and guides them through the steps to accessing their members only content.

Our Membership In-A-Day service ensures you can swiftly provide an exclusive space for your members to engage with your content and community.

Course In-a-Day

While the complete development of course content may require additional time, our Course In-A-Day service offers you a strong starting point.

In just one day, we’ll establish the essential framework, layout, and structure for your online learning management site. This includes creating a user-friendly course outline, a clear navigation structure, and a visually appealing course framework.

With our head start, you’ll be well-prepared to add your content and launch your course efficiently.

Book Launch Funnel In-a-Day

Maximise the impact of your book launch with our Book Launch Funnel In-A-Day service.

Within a single day, we’ll design and construct a comprehensive Sales Page dedicated to promoting your book.

Additionally, we’ll create an effective funnel that guides potential readers through the purchase process seamlessly.

This package is designed to generate excitement and anticipation for your book release in record time.

Podcast Launch Funnel In-A-Day

Launch your podcast with a bang using our Podcast Launch Funnel In-A-Day service.

In just one day, we’ll build a captivating funnel that includes a persuasive landing page, an opt-in form to grow your listenership, and a thank-you page to engage your early supporters.

Our rapid solution will ensure your podcast gets off to a strong start and connects with your target audience effectively.

Digital Downloads Shop In-A-Day

In just one day, we’ll set up a fully functional digital downloads shop for you.

This comprehensive service includes creating distinct categories for your digital products, crafting enticing product listings with captivating descriptions, and integrating secure purchase buttons to ensure a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

With our Digital Downloads Shop In-A-Day, you can swiftly showcase and sell your valuable content.

Freebie Funnel In-a-Day

Attract and engage your audience effectively with our Freebie Funnel In-A-Day.

Within a single day, we’ll design an attention-grabbing landing page that promotes your freebie offer, craft an opt-in form to capture valuable leads, and set up an email automation sequence that delivers the freebie and nurtures these new connections.

Our service is designed to rapidly grow your email list and foster meaningful relationships with your audience.

Logo Creation In-a-Day

In a single day, we’ll create three distinct logo variations that embody your brand’s identity, consisting of a main logo, secondary logo and stamp/icon.

Our Logo Creation In-A-Day service ensures that you have versatile branding options, allowing you to choose the logo variation that resonates best with your vision and values.

Social Media Post Templates In-a-Day

Streamline your social media presence effectively with our Social Media Post Templates In-A-Day.

Within one day, we’ll design a series of eye-catching post templates that maintain visual consistency and resonate with your audience.

These customisable CANVA templates will be crafted to cover your social media content needs for up to three months, saving you time and ensuring a strong online presence.

Freebie/Workbook Creation In-A-Day

Enhance your content offerings with up to three professionally designed freebies or workbooks.

Our In-A-Day service ensures that these resources are not only visually appealing but also effectively convey your valuable content.

With these resources, you can engage your audience and provide them with valuable insights swiftly.

Podcast Cover & Episode Covers In-A-Day

Make a memorable impression in the podcast world with our Podcast Cover & Episode Covers In-A-Day service.

Within one day, we’ll design a captivating main cover for your podcast that reflects your brand’s personality and theme.

Additionally, we’ll create eye-catching episode covers for your initial episodes, ensuring your podcast stands out and entices listeners.

Book Launch Promo Graphics In-A-Day

Amplify your book launch with visually appealing promotional graphics.

In a single day, we’ll create a suite of promotional visuals that include banners, social media graphics, and website and email visuals.

Our Book Launch Promo Graphics In-A-Day service is designed to generate excitement and anticipation for your book release swiftly.

Merchandise Mockup Graphics In-A-Day

Showcase your merchandise products with style using our Merchandise Mockup Graphics In-A-Day service.

Within one day, we’ll design up to five product mockup graphics that make your merchandise stand out and shine.

These visuals are tailored to provide your audience with a realistic and engaging preview of your products.

Tech Strategy/Consultancy VIP Day

Collaborate with us for a VIP day of tech strategy and consultancy brainstorming.

Over the course of a day, we’ll delve into your tech challenges, explore potential solutions, and outline a strategic plan to address your unique needs.

Our Tech Strategy/Consultancy VIP Day is dedicated to providing you with actionable insights and a roadmap for tech and systems success.

Website Updates In-A-Day

When your website requires immediate attention or adjustments, our Website Updates In-A-Day service is the solution.

In a single day, we’ll expertly address and implement the necessary changes, ensuring that your website remains up to date, efficient, and effective. Whether you need quick fixes to resolve technical issues or content updates to reflect your latest offerings, our dedicated team is here to swiftly deliver results.

Our commitment to efficiency means that your website will not only remain current but also continue to serve as a powerful tool for engaging your audience and achieving your online objectives.

With Website Updates In-A-Day, you can trust that your website is in capable hands, ensuring a seamless and up-to-date online presence.

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Elevate Your Business in a Single Day with Our VIP Done-In-A Day Service

Experience the unparalleled power of transformation through our exclusive VIP Done-In-A-Day service process. At The Design and Tech Studio, we’ve meticulously crafted a unique journey that allows you to take significant leaps forward in your business—all within the span of a single day.

Our process isn’t just about efficiency; it’s about delivering impactful results that align precisely with your goals. Each step is thoughtfully designed to harness your vision, leverage your strengths, and address your specific needs. We’re your trusted partner, dedicated to turning your aspirations into tangible achievements.

Join us on this remarkable journey as we explore the key steps that set us apart and empower you to thrive in the digital landscape.


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Schedule a pre-call at least seven days before your VIP Day to review your questionnaire responses and further clarify objectives, allowing us to maximiSe your VIP Day’s effectiveness.


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After your VIP Day, secure up to two VIP follow-up revision sessions, providing you with opportunities to refine and enhance your project based on your evolving vision and feedback.

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