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The Benefits of Booking VIP Days For Your Business

Nov 14, 2022

The Design and Tech Studio

VIP Days are increasing in popularity with Business Coaches, Entrepreneurs and Service Providers and here at The Design and Tech Studio, we too are offering these days and we explain below what they are, the benefits of booking them and what to expect as a client.

What are VIP Days?

A VIP Day is one day where you are supported one-on-one with a specific project or to meet a specific goal.

These are often called day rate services, which is offering one dedicated dayto spend with you, so that you get our full attention and focus for the whole of that time.

Who are VIP Days For?

VIP Days work across many different professions. We work with Life Coaches, Business Coaches, NLP Professionals, Book Authors, Product based businesses and many more!

Our VIP Days attract clients who like that structured agenda and 1:1 attention.

These are perfect for you, if you don’t have time for shorter, regular meetings (like on weekly calls) or those who prefer to collaborate in real time to get that tech or design headache out of the way, which could be contributing to your procrastination or blocking the scaling-up of your business.

They are ideal for those who:

  • Want to make decisive and impactful actions
  • Have a punch list of jobs to undertake
  • Want to secure our time
  • Want to work with the very best
  • Are on a tight deadline for a launch or event
  • Live in different time zones – can get work done while you sleep
  • Want their business to look amazing quickly
  • Want their business to level up to get a quicker return on investment

What to expect on a VIP Day

Each day is completely different, which makes it a lot of fun. We’ve been in design and tech for over 22 years, so this is a great way to vary the projects available and make the most of our time.

Four Steps

We clear our schedule; you are a VIP after all. You are the focus for the whole day!

Firstly, our clients book the day in advance, by visiting the home page and then choosing which service they want. A 50% deposit can be made to secure your day and final payment to be made 7 days prior. Or you can choose to pay in full.

We will confirm with you the next steps and discuss your outcome priorities, what content and information we require. We will, along with our team, get to work on your objectives while you sit back and relax.

We don’t promise any set of deliverables and we work through your needs in order, setting out the strategy, making the framework first and then tackling the design from the top down (or the trickiest!).

Don’t fret if we run out of time, we do offer an option of an additional half/full day.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yours booked in today!

Well, hey there!

I’m Nicola Liggins, your creative companion on this digital journey. As a dedicated website designer and tech expert, my mission is to assist online business owners like you in the fascinating worlds of web design, digital creativity, and tech support.

With a warm cup of coffee (or tea) in hand, As you explore this blog, envision us transforming your online dreams into reality, one pixel at a time, diving into the joys of creativity, and ensuring your tech runs smoothly.

So, sit back, relax, and let’s embark on this creative ride together. Welcome to the world of endless online possibilities!

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